Monday, July 23, 2012

Spring Quarter 2012

The spring quarter was used to button up all the punch list items and get ready for the rough-in
framing inspection. We had to finish up the plumbing, mechanical, electrical, solar PV, solar hot
water, low voltage wiring, and rough framing in order to be approved to install the insulation and
sheetrock. There were a lot of little details to muddle through and they had to be done complete
and correct in order to pass on to the finishing stages. The devil is in the details, and the students
had the resolve to carry through with the tasks. They were in class and on the job site every day
and willing to put their best effort forward on each and every assignment that they were given.
From cleaning the parking lot to installing plumbing flashing on the roof, they did not complain
or shirk, and it is because of their hard work that this project is moving forward.

We passed the framing inspection on the last week of the quarter and proceeded directly to
insulation and sheetrock.

The following are some pictures taken during the quarter with captions:

 Students preparing conduit for the electrician, as you can see from the attire, it was cold that day
and they are still smiling

Insulation baffles in the upper picture and pocket door frames in the lower picture are just two of
the many details that students were completing for inspection.

Solar PV racking and the solar hot water system are being installed. The evacuated tubes were
taken off the rack after the picture because they can reach a temperature of 350*F without the
heat transmission fluid running through. They will be reinstalled when the system is complete.

The solar hot water will be generating too much heat during the summer so we installed a loop of pipe in the gravel around the house to dump heat.

The heat dissipation loop was then backfilled with 5/8” crushed rock to act as a heat sink and provide a stable base.

All the students were excited to work with the Dingo front loader machine that was provided by Bunce Rental.
We have assembled a water catchment system that will irrigate raised vegetable gardens. The students are naming them the “Victory Garden”. So it is, we will have the “Victory Garden” and donate the crop to a local food bank.

In this picture you can get the idea that it will be a gravity feed from the gutter and fill all three tanks. There is a three thousand gallon holding capacity of which one thousand gallons was collected in the first week of operation.

We took a celebratory picture of the group after completing the water system that will feed the gardens. It is amazing that so much can come from such a simple idea.

A special thank you goes out to Global Security and the students of the low- voltage class. These fine gentlemen came out on the weekend to install all the monitors and security systems in the house. With their help we will now be able to track production and consumption of power on a real-time basis. These guys are the best!

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