Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 8, Winter 2012

In the past two weeks we have made big strides to secure the racking system for the solar PV, solar hot water,  finish the trim painting, and locate the barrels for water catchment.

Once again I would like to thank our friends at Kelly Moore for donating all of the painting products necessary to coat and bring color to our building. All the products used will be low or no-voc products so as not to raise any indoor air quality issues.


The solar hot water rails were mounted on the stanchions and the top and bottom manifolds were mounted across the rails. We are installing an evacuated tube system provided by SJ Solar out of China. It is comprised of twenty tubes that are six feet long and we are excited to see the results of the production from the system and location.

Water and the use of water is becoming a big topic in the sustainability world. We wanted to experiment with the possibilities here at CPTC. We extended out the landscape block and leveled out a spot big enough to fit three barrels which will give us a holding capacity of three thousand gallons. We did the math and that is enough to capture 75% of the rainfall on this roof. The plan now is to use it for irrigation of the plants and flower beds, but we may find other uses that will cut down on the use of potable water for non-potable needs.

The solar equipment and the utilities soon will be connected soon, so there is a lot more to be done. Stay tuned, these are exciting times.
Good bye and good building,
Dan Smith

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