Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 6, Fall 2011

Week Ending 10/28/11 

This week we installed the exterior trim around the windows, door, corners, and belly bands. It was great work, great fun, and gave the students a little practice at refining their skills. One comment from a student was “you would never imagine that building a little house could be so complicated”. Well you wouldn’t think so but this is a new approach to building, and turning out to be quite a process. Most every step needs to be scrutinized to make sure it is achieving the goals you have set out.

The latest step that was revisited was the rain screen. I realized we may have a problem with bugs making their way through our rain screen product so we took off the bottom baton, covered it with screen fabric and reinstalled it on the house. Now we will have continuous ventilation behind the siding that is free from bugs and worries.

The trim around the windows and doors was installed without hitch or glitch. The wrap around the windows was fastened with galvanized finish nails and has a strip of the rain screen material around it for nailing siding to. The only noteworthy item on the belly band was the use of 4” galvanized nails because of the thickness of the built-up materials. It turned out to be a good choice because everything is well secured and ready for siding.

Next week we will be installing exterior siding, stay tuned.

Good bye, and good building,

Dan Smith

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